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Top Destinations for Your Language Skills

From visiting the iconic sights you’ve only dreamt about, to soaking up cultural and culinary experiences of another country, there are many reasons to travel abroad.

When deciding on a destination, language can be big factor. While some travelers feel more comfortable seeking out locations where English is widely spoken to focus on diving into the cultural experience, many others see travel as an opportunity to improve their linguistic prowess.

So, which destination may be best for your language travel needs? The EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) – the world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills–can help you make an educated decision.

We took a look at this year’s results and pulled some quick highlights for Europe, Asia and Latin America.

In general, Europe ranked at the top of the list for having the strongest non-native English speakers. The top 10 ranked countries primarily came from the Northern and Western parts of the continent – we can’t say we are too surprised! That being said, if you’re thinking of heading to Europe and are looking for a bit more of a linguistic challenge, you may want to consider making your way to Spain, Italy or France. We’re pretty sure all of the good food, the amazing people and the rich culture also won’t disappoint!


If Asia is high up on your travel bucket list, but language barriers have you feeling a little intimidated, a trip to Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan may be the best fit.

Looking at Latin America? According to the EF EPI, you can expect to find fewer English speakers in countries like Ecuador and Panama, and  more in places like Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Keep in mind that no matter where you decide to travel on your educational tour, or how good your country-specific linguistic skills are, your bilingual tour director will always be by your side to help along the way!

Want to see the full ranking of English speaking countries? Check out the 2016 EF English Proficiency Index here.

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Brittany Geoffroy

Brittany is a Marketing Manager for EF Educational Tours. She loves traveling to new places, dumplings, and anything and everything related to Asia. Her favorite city in the world is Taipei. But be careful asking her about it or you may be convinced to go!

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