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Tour icebreakers: Bingo

With large groups where students don’t always know each other, icebreakers can play an important role in bringing the group together. Human Bingo is an easy way for your travelers to learn a little more about one another. This game is great for students to play during a pre-tour meeting or on tour with another school—either way, you’ll get kids talking and making new friends in no time.

To start, hand out the appropriate bingo cards. Students then wander around the room and try to collect the signature of another student who matches the description listed on the bingo sheet. The first one to get five squares in a row wins a prize, but the game shouldn’t stop until everyone in the group has five in a row. Continue to break the ice after the game is over by going through each square and seeing which students fit each description.

Use one of these bingo cards, made by Group Leaders Kay and Jessica, to get you started!

Pre-tour bingo card

Tour bingo card

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