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The snack that travels back

While some treats don’t travel well—gelato, we’re sadly looking at you—stocking up on snacks can be a great way to extend your experience back home and share it with your friends. Below, we’re sharing some EF staff members’ favorite snacks to bring back from their travels as food souvenirs.


We have a spot in the office called the “Chicken-Fried-Dried-Fish-Badly-Named Table,” affectionately named for the random foods staff bring back from trips. We all try to get things people couldn’t find here—like packaged shrimp heads from China.

Adam S., Associate Creative Director, Head of the Table

Prinzen Rolle cookies! An exchange student from Germany introduced these to me when she lived with my family. Now I bring them back whenever I visit, and they make me think of her.

Jessica L., Sales Trainer, Sentimental Snacker

I always bring back Percy Pig gummies from London. I’ve only ever found them in corner shops or the airport. They’re so good, but kind of weird—they’re shaped like pigs and made from pork gelatin.

Jeremy F., Videographer, Gummy Go-Getter

I scout out unique flavors of Pringles as my food souvenirs. Paprika from Spain, Emmental Cheese from the Netherlands, and Mushroom Soup from Japan are my favorites so far!

Kasey H., Head of Benefits and Support, Traveling Taste-Tester

My siblings and I bring back Puerto Rican candies because they remind us of our family that live far away. The orange licorice flavor in particular always makes me think of my grandfather.

Neri G., Lead UI Designer, Sweet Memory-Seeker

Every time I’m on a plane, I stock up on the free Biscoff cookies they hand out. To me, they’re the ultimate souvenir food product. When I eat them back at home, it brings back all my feelings of wanderlust.

Skye M., PR Manager, Plane Jane

Sarah McLaughlin

Sarah is a senior copywriter at EF Education First. When she isn’t writing, you can find her browsing through bookshops, trying to cook, or going to improv class (which is basically just an excuse for adults to play make-believe).

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