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Staff spotlight: Conquer the carry-on

It’s no surprise that, here at EF, we like to travel. A lot. We travel to new cities, to faraway countries, to the vending machine from our desks (gotta get those steps in). At this point, we have packing down to a science—and it’s time to share our secrets with you. Fellow EF staff members share their greatest and strangest carry-on travel tips to help you pack like a pro.

Baseball cap

“My biggest pet peeve is being behind slow people at TSA. I always wear a hat so I can put my belongings into it before they go through the scanner. Then I’m able to grab everything at once and go to my gate.”</p?

–Ryan F., Tour Consultant, Mad Hatter


Instant oatmeal

“Airplane food can be…interesting. And expensive! So one of my favorite carry-on travel tips is to pack an oatmeal packet. Then, I just order a cup of hot water and enjoy my tasty (instant) snack.”

–Lana D., VP of People, The Oat G.O.A.T.



Colored pencils

“I like to bring a couple of colored pencils and some blank postcards when I have a long travel day—for jotting down memories, writing letters, or just doodling!”

–Natasha F., UX Designer, Director of Arts & Aircrafts



“The fresh scent of citrus masks funky airplane smells, and they double as a great snack.”

–Madeline M., Copywriter, Citrus Sensei

Tennis ball
“Airplanes are cramped! A tennis ball works great for rolling out muscle knots and stretching after a full day of flying or walking around. Bonus: you’re always ready for a game of catch.”

–Rob W., Art Director, Ball Boy


Good recording app

“This might seem pretty obvious in terms of what to pack in a carry-on, but I always keep my phone on me. I love to record sounds with it when I travel. Spanish guitars, markets in India, an accordion on the Paris metro, church bells—these are the things that stick with me years later.”

–Will C., Business Analyst, Pocket Producer


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Madeline Muller

Madeline is a copywriter at EF tours. She loves sitcoms, tacos, re-reading books, and befriending dogs. Her favorite city is Budapest.

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