EF Virtual Experiences

A collection of stories, activities, and resources designed to inspire a global perspective at your school

Designed by (and for) global educators like you

There’s something to be said for the learning that can happen here before you go there. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of stories, lessons, and digital resources to help your students start channeling their inner explorers. 

Drive excitement around a future school trip with virtual sightseeing via stories like our “Best day ever” in Lisbon with an incredible local Tour Director or a visual stroll through the murals of Washington, D.C. Encourage students to get out of their hometown comfort zones and try something new, or to watch and reflect during a micro lesson developed by a fellow educator. (Select lesson plans even have PDF prompts you can send straight to students!) And if all you need is a little travel inspiration? We’ve got you covered there, too. 

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While this collection of resources includes lesson plans and other content written for teachers, we’ve also built a digital destination called “Prepare for takeoff” that’s just for students.

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