15 Times Vivid Sydney Blew Our Minds

Vivid Sydney is here and you know what that means — no building, bridge, or walkway is safe from being transformed into a jaw-dropping light projection or a wildly impressive art installation. Every spring this three-week festival of light, music and innovative ideas serves up an eclectic menu of events to the Australian capital. From concerts in the Sydney Opera House, to renowned speakers, to giant light-up bunnies that tower over you (see below), it is near impossible not to find something that sparks your interest.

Hundreds of musicians and speakers have graced the many stages of Vivid Sydney, but today we’re here to focus on one thing: the lights!

We hope you enjoy these incredible snapshots from Vivid Sydney festivals past and present. Prepare to have your mind blown, and save your “oohs and ahhs” for the end!

See Vivid Sydney in person next year with your students! Browse tours here.

1. “Jellight” – 2011


Nigel Howe/ via Flickr

2. “Colour3” – 2012


Kevin Wong/ via Flickr

3. Chandelier – 2012

The Chandelier

Beau Giles/ via Flickr

4. “Digital Wattle” – 2012

Digital Wattle

Anna Ayvazyan/ via Flickr

5. Sydney Harbour Bridge – 2013

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ross Fowler/ via Flickr

6. Museum of Contemporary Art – 2013

Musuem of Contemporary Art 2013

Ross Fowler/ via Flickr

7. Sydney Opera House – 2014

Sydney Opera House

Nicki Mannix/ via Flickr

Photo Credit: Nicki Mannix

8. Museum of Contemporary Art – 2014

Museum of contemporary art 2014

Kazuhisa Togo/ via Flickr

9. “The Pool” – 2014

The Pool

Paxtons Camera Video Digital/ via Flickr

10. LiveWorks Installation – 2014


MD111/ via Flickr

11. University of Sydney – 2014

University of Sydney

Jason Tong/ via Flickr

12. “Intrude” – 2014


Mixy Lorenzo/ via Flickr

13. Argyle Tunnel – 2015

Argyle Tunnel

Paul Carmona/ via Flickr

14. “Arclight at the Rocks” – 2015

Arclight at the Rocks

Mr & Mrs Apteryx australis/ via Flickr

15. Taronga Zoo – 2016

tarnga Zoo

Ian Sanderson/ via Flickr

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