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On-tour safety: A conversation between teachers


EF One on One is a conversation series between Group Leaders. A first-time Group Leader sits down with a teacher who’s led many tours to talk about their experiences and thoughts on educational travel with EF.

Leading a group of students on tour always (always, always) brings up a lot of questions about safety. From teachers, from families, even from students themselves.

It makes complete sense. There’s a reason student security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind (including all of us at EF). It’s because safety is the single most important element of every EF tour. A true commitment to safety and student security is what allows all the incredible moments and benefits of educational travel to come to life.

First-time Group Leaders, like Brian J. and Mary Kate M., tend to be especially curious about safety measures and how they manifest both before and during tour. After all, they’ve never had the chance to see any of EF’s systems in action. Having been on many trips over the course of decades, Bryan K. and Rhonda G. have seen firsthand how safety is handled on tour, which gives them reassurance in traveling with EF and extra confidence in showing their students the world.

While these newer Group Leaders are happy to share the positive feelings they’ve gotten from conversations with their Tour Consultant, nothing quite compares to the experience of seeing the attention paid to student security while on tour yourself. Luckily, our seasoned Group Leaders are here to express exactly how they’ve felt EF’s commitment to safety and student security over the years. And hearing it from them is the next best thing to witnessing it with your own eyes.

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Chairs from a conversation between EF Group Leaders on the commitment to safety and student security.

Jake Minton

Jake is a copywriter at EF. His bucket list includes (but is by no means limited to) snowboarding in Japan, exploring the streets of Nairobi, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.