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Fly Me There Right Now: Peru

Peru may be home to Machu Picchu – the capital of Incan Heritage and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World – but the country’s breathtaking beauty doesn’t stop there. If you have plans to travel to Peru, you may want to check out some or all of these spots before returning home. And if this country has been sitting somewhere on your travel bucket list, just be aware that this post may move it to the top! Welcome to: Fly Me There Right Now, Peru edition.

The Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley Peru

Angela Rutherford/Via Flickr

Just a few miles north of Cusco, people travel to the Sacred Valley to get up close and personal with Incan culture.

Lake Titicaca

Emmanuel DYAN/Via Flickr

Experience one of the largest lakes in the world and all of its islands. Take a boat trip out to the floating Uros Islands – they’re made entirely out of reeds!


James C./Via Flickr

A vibrant city filled with authentic food, places and people. There’s something new to discover around every corner of Peru’s capital!



Geraint Rowland/Via Flickr

Tucked away in the basin of the Andes Mountain Range, this historic town is known for its classic architecture and archaeological remains.

Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado

Joseph King/Via Flickr

If you’ve dreamed of experiencing the Amazon and all its glory, Puerto Maldonado is the spot for you.


Inés Fernández/Via Flickr

In stark contrast to the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, Pucusana is a coastal fishing hub complete with beautiful beaches and seafood galore!


Carlos Daniel Gomero Correa/Via Flickr

At the heart of the Colca Valley discover Chivay, a bustling mountain town located 12,000 feet above sea level!
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