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Grow through travel with Michael: Discovering D.C. and so much more

Picture of Michael standing beneath an American flag in Washington, D.C., where he leads EF tours and helps students grow through travel.

Michael has a deep appreciation for perspective. A city, a monument, and even a walk down the street will take on a whole new meaning when viewed from a different angle. Growing up on a fourth-generation cattle farm in South Dakota, his days were filled with riding horses, driving tractors, and understanding the importance of a hard day’s work. Michael carried those lessons with him later, interning for his state senator on Capitol Hill in college. There, he learned about a different version of hard work and fell for a city a world away from the open acres he was familiar with. These days, in his role as a Tour Director, Michael takes great pride in his opportunity to give students a new view of the world.

The more you travel, the broader your horizons and perspectives can be.

Photo collage of Michael in Washington, D.C. helping middle school students grow through travel.

As a Tour Director for EF Explore America, Michael introduces students to Washington, D.C. and helps them grow through travel. But sharing perspectives is a two-way street. Michael has visited most of the city’s monuments dozens of times and knows their stories like the back of his hand. But he regularly finds that students, with their own unique backgrounds, ask completely unexpected questions that make him think in a whole new way.

From the White House and Arlington Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, Michael loves watching students’ faces as the nation’s capital comes alive. But his favorite part is seeing them step outside of the world they’ve always known and grow through travel right before his eyes.

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