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Walking around Rome
with Patrizio: The magic
of taking it all in

An image of EF Tour Director Patrizio walking around Rome, Italy

Take a walk with Patrizio.


When you’re walking around Rome with Patrizio, it’s never just a walk. It’s a historical exploration, an exercise in slowing down, a way to really become a part of the city. Because when you pay attention to a little thing here, a little thing there, you start to notice things you never noticed before. You start to really become a part of the place, and then everything starts to make more sense. As Patrizio says, when you start to slow down a little and take your time, you’re not wasting time. You’re actually living your life.

The same road that you took a thousand times, you do it again, and this time you look just to the left and you see something that you’ve never noticed. And I think this is possible only when you slow down a little.

Snapshots of what you'd see walking around Rome, Italy

This feeling of enlightenment didn’t just lead to Patrizio’s approach to life. It’s actually one of the reasons he became a Tour Director—to inspire students to live in the moment. Italians have a phrase for this: il dolce far niente, or the sweetness of doing nothing. Patrizio describes it as the sensation you get when you drink coffee in an Italian village and watch passersby. Time slows, and you take in the little details—smells, colors, people, sounds. There comes this freedom to contemplate and connect. And it truly encapsulates the Italian art of slow living, of enjoying the moment, of Patrizio’s more-than-just-a-walk philosophy. It’s this very philosophy that he loves teaching students while walking around Rome.

And while students appreciate all his Tour Director activities—sharing insightful commentary, organizing activities, dealing with any unforeseen hiccups, enthusiastically connecting with students—we think that the idea of il dolce far niente might be the most impactful piece of wisdom he imparts.

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A skyline view of the city you can see while walking around Rome, Italy

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