Last Minute Fundraising Ideas

What are some ways to raise that last little bit of money to help students pay off the rest of their trip?

We know fundraising can be a challenge–so we asked some of our Group Leaders to share their expert tips! Here’s what they had to say about easy, last minute fundraisers!

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50/50 Raffle: “At our school, we have done 50/50 raffles.  They’re great because they have a short turnaround time, and there are no overhead costs.  Sometimes the person who wins will even donate the winnings back to the trip for the kids!” – Laura C.

Spaghetti Dinner: “Spaghetti is an easy meal and cheap to prepare.  I make [the meal donation based] and we really make a lot of money. The kids are the servers and parents are in the kitchen making the meal.” – Mary K.


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Breakfast: “We do a pancake breakfast [to fundraise]! Even if you can’t get the supplies donated (which we have been able to do) supplies are cheap!” – Stacey L.

“Sell donuts from the grocery store before school, if you are allowed!  We pick up a dozen for $2.99 per box and sell them for a dollar each.  Or, sell water bottles after school if you can’t do soda and candy.  Kids [love to] buy stuff, especially if you announce it ahead of time!” -Sharolyn W

Bake Sale: “If your school allows bake sales, that is a great quick money maker at lunchtime in our school.  Everyone that brings something to sell gets that amount of money back. We charge a dollar per prepared item and if you bring two dozen then you get $24.  Rice Crispy treats are a big seller! We do this a couple times a week.” – Mary K

Garage Sale: “As it gets warmer towards spring, it’s a good time for a garage sale! All you really need are pricing stickers. We’ve made hundreds of dollars off of ‘junk’.” – Dan U.


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Restaurants: “Restaurant nights can be a simple fundraiser,  you just have to get the word out for people to go on your designated night.  Chipotle offers the best deal out of all the restaurants I looked at. They will give you 50% of the proceeds.” – Claire F.

“I ask our nearby Sonic for fundraising cards and they are always very generous and they cost us nothing!  They sell for $5 each- even if just for a little bit of spending money it is very easy for our students and 100% profit!” – Nancy M.

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