Pose, Snap, Share: 6 Travel Photography Tips That Will Help You Raise Your Game

Photography goes hand in hand with travel. Strolling through a new city with an iPhone in hand or camera hanging from your neck is a rewarding way to record memories and capture great moments. Here are six travel photography tips that will help you raise your game and help you become a better travel photographer.

1. Never leave home without your camera
Seriously, you’ll regret it.

2. Mind your memory cards
Make sure you have enough memory cards available if you’re shooting with a digital camera or enough space on your phone in you’re shooting with that instead. There is nothing worse than getting that ‘card full’ message on your camera screen in a moment that is perfect for a photo.

3. Get up with the sun
Get up early and always try to catch the golden hour at the end of the day (that’s the hour or so just before the sun sets); the light works its magic then, and great light will make for great photos.

4. Hallo/salut/nihao – learn a local greeting
This is especially important if you like to take pictures of people. It’s polite and increases the likelihood that the person you’re taking a picture of will see your snapping as something positive instead of an intrusion. It’s usually also a good idea to ask for permission to take their pic; a friendly nod in their direction will usually do (they’ll nod back if they’re ok with you taking a picture.) Remember that in some cultures it’s not OK to take pictures of people, especially strangers.

5. Take every great moment as a photo-op
Try to move away from the sunset shots. Not that they can’t be nice as well, but there’s real beauty in places you least expect it—and you can train your eye to find those unusual moments and unique angles. This takes practice but is so worth it–It’ll make your photos much more interesting down the line

6. The 1000/60 rule
You need to take a lot of pictures to get a few gems, so taking 1000 pictures on one trip and getting 60 that you’re really happy with is totally normal. Don’t expect every picture to be perfect, but know that you can find something interesting in every picture. And don’t delete pictures before you’ve seen them on your computer screen (the camera screen is never that great) unless it’s clearly a mistake of just totally blurry; it might end up being your favorite shot in the end.

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