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The 5 Stages of Post-Travel

Picture yourself in the beginning stages of your trip. You’re planning, holding meetings, fundraising, and all the while, you’re anxiously waiting for your departure date. Alas, you and your students experienced the bustling culture of New York, or maybe you went the exotic route, and adventurously explored Panama. You cheerfully watched your students take in a palette of “new’s” – new experiences, new perspectives, new friends, new food – further developing their new passion for global travel.

Now you’re heading home with a treasure trove of memories and before you even step through your front door, the nostalgia starts to hit. And so it begins…the five stages of post-travel:

Stage 1: Returning Home Denial

“What are you talking about? Our trip isn’t over.”

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Stage 2: Best experience ever happy tears

“I don’t care what’s new on Netflix! I just want to travel!”

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Stage 3: Sharing your travel stories

“And then…And then…And then…”

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Stage 4: Reflecting upon your travel stories

“I’ve gone beyond the walls of my hometown, and it’s beautiful…”

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Realizing that it’s a big world and you never have to stop exploring it

“Wait…guys, why are we so upset? Let’s fill that passport!”

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