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Here’s the secret about the best travel music playlist: It should be just as good to listen to whether you’re off jet setting or just sitting in your living room. So, we had EF staff members submit a few tunes that remind them of travel. Use it as an eclectic soundtrack for your next adventure—whether that’s venturing off to see what’s left in the fridge, belting out a Grammy-worthy ballad in the shower, or—one day in the future—heading off to explore the great big world.

“Samhljómur” | Ásgeir
The first time I traveled by myself I went to Iceland, where I spent an entire afternoon at a record shop listening to Icelandic music. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but listening to this song reminds me of all of the incredible experiences I had on that trip.”
–Kira T., Data Scientist

“Road to Nowhere” | Talking Heads
“An anthem to adventure and spontaneity!”
–Nataly B., Copywriter

“That’s Amore” | Dean Martin
“I heard this song in the streets of Naples & Sorrento, and since then I’ve always enjoyed listening to it.”
–Jose T., Marketing Coordinator

“Aicha” | Khaled
Any student who studied French in the late ’90s and early 2000s will know this song—it brings me back to my high school trip to France every time I listen to it.
–Kristy M., Producer

“You Get What You Give” | New Radicals
“I play this song whenever my plane is about to land so whenever I am arriving to a place this is the song I hear.”
–Grace C., Marketing Co-Op

“Bongo Bongo” | Manu Chao
“While we were driving around the Dominican Republic on a video shoot, this song was on repeat.”
–Jeremy F., Video Editor

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EF Journal- best travel music playlist

Editor’s note (2021): This piece has been updated for clarity, accuracy, and relevance.

Madeline Muller

Madeline is a copywriter at EF tours. She loves sitcoms, tacos, re-reading books, and befriending dogs. Her favorite city is Budapest.

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