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Partnership spotlight: World War II Foundation

EF has partnered with the World War II Foundation, an organization aimed at preserving the legacy of World War II veterans. Through film and other media, the nonprofit focuses on the contributions and sacrifices made by “the Greatest Generation.” Because of our collaboration with the World War II Foundation, all group leaders will be given unlimited access to the WWII Foundation’s film archive. Read on to find out more about the organization as well as how you can incorporate these films into your classroom.

The Foundation’s Impact

The World War II Foundation has produced 22 award-winning documentaries to date. Each film focuses on first-hand accounts from veterans involved in the war effort. Tim Gray, founder of the World War II Foundation, travels all over the world to collect these stories. As a national broadcaster for over 15 years, Gray understands the importance of preserving history.

The World War II Foundation has even extended its reach by creating the Global Education Center in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. The center focuses on the film archive but also includes artifacts from World War II.

Incorporating Film in the Classroom

Topics for these films range from Pearl Harbor to D-Day to everything in between. If there is an event or idea you want to highlight, these films can help bring it to the forefront.

You can easily incorporate these films into your lesson plans as well. In fact, the foundation even provides lessons plans based around some of the films. A “flipped classroom” approach could be useful too, so students can come to class ready to engage with the material.


EF is proud to partner with the World War II Foundation. Combining education with travel will only help students become more successful and informed adults. Can’t wait to see you on tour in June!

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