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The 2019 EF Backpack is here!

It’s a new year, which means you could be seeing (or wearing) our brand-new EF backpack out in the wild very soon. The features are pretty cool, but what really matters is everything you put into it—and how much more you get back.

What’s new?
We’ve updated the design (check those pops of pink) and added more pockets, zippier zippers, and a handful of hidden compartments so our travelers have plenty of ways to stow their travel essentials and souvenirs from the road.

Who gets it?
Every EF traveler and Group Leader going on a tour in 2019. If you’re departing on a trip with us this spring, you should be receiving yours soon!

Why EF?
For over 50 years, we’ve asked curious explorers one question: What can the world teach you? At EF, we believe travel is an education. It’s something you will carry with you long after it happens, and just like this backpack, it’s up to you where you take it.

Visit eftours.com/browsetours to learn more about what we do and where we go. Check out our tours across North America, too.

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Kim Hart

Kim is a writer and an associate creative director at EF. In a past life, she wrote about everything from online poker to deodorant. (She likes writing about educational travel better.) When not at work, you can most likely find Kim on the internet or eating cheese.

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