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EF's Recycling Adds Up

EF Center Boston, the North American headquarters of EF Education First, continues to make enormous strides in reducing its impact on the environment.

Under the leadership of Norbert Lorscheider, Director of Facilities for EF Center Boston, EF’s Cambridge, Mass., building has been designated a “green” building for its energy- and waste-saving initiatives.

The building also has stepped up its recycling efforts by working with Save That Stuff, a leading waste management company. In 2008, EF Center recycled 64 tons of waste, including:

  • 26 tons of paper
  • 21 tons of baled cardboard
  • 13 tons of food waste
  • 4 tons of computer and other electronic waste

That sounds impressive in and of itself, but those totals translate to saving:

  • 903 adult trees
  • 234 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 284,527 kilowatts of electricity (or 168 barrels of oil)

All of which adds up to reducing EF employees’ carbon footprint by 57.96 metric tons of carbon equivalent, which is equal to removing 46 cars from the roads each year.

Kudos to Norbert and all of EF’s employees. The next objective for EF Center Boston, Lorscheider says, is reducing the need to recycle by changing (and improving) the way we use products.

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