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Meet EF’s 2015 Costa Rica Global Student Leaders Summit Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

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In 1960, without any formal training, a young woman from England walked onto the shores of Lake Tanganyika and into the forests of Tanzania. She had dreamed of living a life like Dr. Doolittle and Tarzan since she was a little girl and now, at the age of 26, Dr. Jane Goodall was venturing into the Gombe Stream National Park in East Africa where she would observe and study the behavior of chimpanzees.Over the next few years Dr. Goodall would learn that chimpanzees shared many of the same emotional and intellectual traits that humans had, but until that point had been overlooked. She realized that if she was going to really help protect these animals and their environment she needed to share her research and help spread global awareness. After just five years of working in Tanzania, she established the Gombe Stream Research Center, a training ground for researchers and students to study primates in their own natural habitat. In 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which was built to inspire humans everywhere to care for their environment and respect all living creatures. But beyond that, she made it her mission to travel the world and speak to the public and government officials about protecting our environment.

Today, Dr. Jane Goodall travels close to 300 days a year and is still spreading environmental awareness across the globe. On Saturday, March 21st Dr. Goodall will join EF’s 2015 Costa Rica Global Student Leaders Summit as the keynote speaker. The two day leadership conference will bring students from around the world together to tackle today’s most significant environmental issues. She will share how her work has shaped her global views, goals and insights with hundreds of students from across the US and Costa Rica. To better understand who Dr. Jane Goodall is and the magnitude of her work, we’ve curated a video playlist that highlights her achievements and illustrates some of the ways she has reshaped and advocated in favor of environmental science.

Jane: A Snapshot by the Jane Goodall Institute
  Jane: A Snapshot/Via Youtube: The Jane Goodall Institute

Walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall by Google Maps

Walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall by Google Maps/Via Youtube: Google Maps

These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two–day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues in places where they come to life. You and your students learn from experts such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Sir Ken Robinson, and U.S. and local students work together to design and present their own solutions to the issue. Each Summit empowers your students today to start becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Upcoming Summits will tackle the Future of Energy in Iceland, and Human Rights in Europe.

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