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EF’s Golden Key Challenge: April #EFFoodie Winner and Honorable Mentions

Trying new foods while traveling abroad is a terrific way to explore, experience and learn about a different culture, all in one bite. So for April’s EF Golden Key Challenge we decided that we would have students share their travel experiences through food. Because who doesn’t love food?

After we finished salivating over all of the photo submissions, we found a winner for this month’s GoPro. Not only did this student get to try one of Spain’s most popular dishes, but she also learned how to make it! Congratulations Morgan!

We didn’t just eat it, we made it! #EFAdventure2015 #EFFoodie #lastweek #Spain #Barcelona #trynewthings #paella #fideo

A photo posted by Morgan Williams (@morgan_elizabeth01) on

Two sugars and a tasteful view please.

Tea with a View #lakedistrict #mpinengland

A photo posted by Greta (@gretazefo) on

For a true artist, the world is their canvas, including food!

Louvre here I come! (Drew it with a safety pin) #bAnAnAs #EFfoodie #EFtours #europe2015 #louvre #monalisa

A photo posted by Elizabeth Zalla (@liz_zalla) on

Oh, are you handing that to me? Why, thank you!

When your gelato looks better than you in most pictures… 😋 #SHStakesEurope #eftours #EFfoodie

A photo posted by Catie C (@catiecangemi) on

Thank you to everyone who participated. Let’s keep the celebration going with May’s contest #EFInMyShoes.

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