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Exploring Creativity in Education with Sir Ken Robinson

“The aims of education are to help people understand the world around them and the talents within them, so that they can become active and compassionate citizens, and fulfilled individuals.”

Three weeks ago EF, along with hundreds of students and teachers from around the world, welcomed education thought leader Sir Ken Robinson to the 2015 Europe Global Student Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland. In his keynote address, Sir Ken shared that he believes every single person has a talent inherent within them, but unfortunately, we often fall short of discovering that talent. As an expert in creativity and innovation, he explained that it is imperative for education to fuel a student’s creative thought and process of self-discovery, helping them identify talents and invest in their own “personal” education.

In this one-on-one interview, Sir Ken Robinson shares with us his thoughts and advice around education.

These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two–day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues in places where they come to life. You and your students learn from experts such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Sir Ken Robinson, and U.S. and local students work together to design and present their own solutions to the issue. Each Summit empowers your students today to start becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Upcoming Summits will tackle the Future of Energy in Iceland, and Human Rights in Europe.

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