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Tour support: A conversation between teachers


EF One on One is a conversation series between Group Leaders. A first-time Group Leader sits down with a teacher who’s led many tours to talk about their experiences and thoughts on educational travel with EF.

Taking students on a tour seems thrilling. But if you’ve never done it before, it might also seem daunting. Which is a perfectly reasonable feeling to have when you first start thinking about how to organize a school trip. Here’s a little secret, though: You can skip right over that feeling. Or, at the least, get past it pretty quick.

Take Brian J., for example. In the video above, he talks about how he resisted going on trips for years. Despite students constantly asking, he couldn’t wrap his brain around the idea of taking students abroad. Or Mary Kate M., who, in a feeling familiar to teachers everywhere, comments on how overwhelming a teacher’s job is without thinking about shepherding a busload of kids through a foreign country.

But now both are excitedly planning their very first EF tours, in no small part due to the direct help of some very hands-on Tour Consultants. Every time Brian has a new concern pop into his head, his Tour Consultant has an immediate answer. When Mary Kate was feeling a little uneasy, her Tour Consultant walked her through every scenario and left her feeling confident and excited.

Those feelings of support might be new for these first-time Group Leaders. But for experienced travelers like Bryan K. and Rhonda G., it’s something they’re all too familiar with. And it’s exactly that teamwork and feeling of confidence, they say, that makes them so comfortable leading tour after tour, year after year.

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The two chairs where EF Group Leaders sat down and talked about how to organize a school trip.

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