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Unlocking Our Strengths with Gallup's Executive Director of Education

“The most successful people all have one thing in common; and that is that they focused on their strengths, as opposed to their weaknesses.”

At EF’s Global Student Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland, we caught up with Gallup’s Executive Director of Education, Brandon Busteed. After leading a professional development workshop at the Summit, titled From Wrong to Strong: A Paradigm Shift for America’s Schools, Busteed discussed how focusing education on personal strengths helps cultivate student engagement, foster a better learning environment and ultimately influence the success we earn both in the classroom and in our careers.

After you watch Unlocking Our Strengths, listen to a recording of Brandon Busteed’s workshop, From Wrong to Strong: A Paradigm Shift for America’s Schools, and hear more about Gallup’s research and development on strengths-based education today.

From Wrong to Strong: A Paradigm Shift for America’s Schools

These extraordinary events combine educational tours and a two–day leadership conference, tackling significant global issues in places where they come to life. You and your students learn from experts such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Sir Ken Robinson, and U.S. and local students work together to design and present their own solutions to the issue. Each Summit empowers your students today to start becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Upcoming Summits will tackle Global Citizenship in a Changing World in Peru, and The Future of Food in Italy.

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