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Choosing the right travel partner: A conversation between teachers


EF One on One is a conversation series between Group Leaders. A first-time Group Leader sits down with a teacher who’s led many tours to talk about their experiences and thoughts on educational travel with EF.

You’re committed. You’ve told yourself that it’s happening. You’re doing it. You’re going to lead students abroad. There’s only one thing left to do: Choose a travel partner. Scratch that. Choose the right travel partner.

Top row: First time Group Leaders Brian J. and Mary Kate M. Bottom row: Experienced Group Leaders Rhonda G. and Brian K.

But if you’re a first time Group Leader like Brian J. or Mary Kate M., how do you pick between educational student travel companies? Sitting down with teachers who’ve been doing it for years is a great place to start.

This video features Bryan K. and Rhonda G., who have been traveling for many years. And they’ve led a lot of tours. Often with EF, but not always. They’ve comparison shopped with other educational student travel companies in the past. But in the end, they’ve come back to EF for a variety of reasons.

Your reasons for choosing a travel partner may vary. Maybe it’s finding a company with a dedication to education. Or one with a network of employees all over the world. Or a company that will personally work with you on every little detail. Or one that will make sure you and your students get a great price. Or maybe you just want to feel comfortable with the people you’re working with. (We’re probably a little biased, but we happen to know one that checks all those boxes.)

Whatever your reason, listening to these seasoned Group Leaders can help you make a decision you’ll feel great.

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A family’s teaching & traveling tradition

Picking between educational student travel companies can have an impact for generations. Bryan K., from our EF One on One video series, isn’t the only member of his family to travel with EF. First his own mother led tours, and now he’s passed the baton to his daughter, Rikki, who has been leading her own students on tour for five years.

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Watch more conversations between teachers

Hear teachers from opposite sides of the travel spectrum talk openly about everything from choosing between educational student travel companies to traveler safety in our EF One on One video series.

Two chairs facing each other, representing two EF Group Leaders sitting down to talk about educational student travel companies.

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