Adventure Awaits! Top 6 Itineraries for the Thrill Seeker

There are many different types of travelers. There’s the stop and go explorer, the souvenir obsessed tourist, the room service and robe vacationer, the thrill-seeking adventurer, and many more. Today we’re focusing on adventurers: those who seek to be thrilled, delighted, and excited at all times while on tour. If you’re the kind of person who prefers the view from the top of a volcano rather than a bus, then this list is for you! We’ve put together our top 6 itineraries that any adventurer would surely enjoy!

Within the U.S.

Now, we understand you’re adventurous, but just in case you don’t want to leave the country the following itineraries are perfect for you!

  1. Puerto Rico: Island of Natural Wonders: Want to walk around the only tropical rainforest in America? Get in touch with your internal nature-lover by exploring centuries-old caverns and boating around the bioluminescent bay.puerto-rico-waterfall
  1. Florida: A Marine Biology Adventure: This one is perfect for fun-loving kids and teenagers! With visits to the Flamingo Gardens, Miami Sea Aquarium, and the Lowry Park Zoo, animal enthusiasts and future environmentalists will be yearning to go!
  2. Grand Canyon Adventure: Hikers, rejoice! This tour includes walking tours and hikes through Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. Take in the sights of the great outdoors as you travel to Desert View Drive, float down the Colorado River, and visit to the legendary Hoover Dam!
    Grand Canyon

Outside of the U.S.

Push your boundaries and explore the world on one of these international tours! We promise they’re all as exciting and fun as they sound!

  1. Beijing and the Great Wall of China: Why not take your students to China for a Dragon Boat Ride, Acrobatics Show, and Kung Fu performance? Sports lovers and world explorers alike will enjoy seeing and the Olympic Complex!
    Great Wall of China
  2. Explore Iceland: North and South: Craters, geysers, and fjords, oh my! For a country so small, Iceland has an endless array of things to offer! This tour is perfect for the environmentalist, geologist, or engineer. Visit a replica Wiking Ship, hike to the top of Grábrók crater, and wonder at the spectacular Goðafoss waterfall. Don’t forget the infamous geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon! Adventure awaits in the (very green) island of Iceland!
  3. Costa Rica’s Natural Wonders: This list would not be complete without a trip to Latin America! Learn about the powerful geothermal forces that formed Costa Rica by exploring volcanoes, hiking to waterfalls, and zipping through canopies. This itinerary is jam-packed with fun and exciting activities that will surely please students and teachers alike.

costa rica hot spring 

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Maria is a Content Marketing Co-op from Northeastern University. Born and raised in Panama, her ultimate travel dream is to meet a Koala and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.

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