Hold the Door! 6 Real Life Game of Thrones Locations You Should Tour NOW

Red weddings, wildfire, and walks of shame, when HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones comes back it’s all anyone can talk about. Every Sunday fans sit in anticipation as the struggle for the Iron Throne ensues. If you can tear your eyes away from the gory battles and epic plot twists you might notice that the show is filmed at some breathtaking locations. From snowy, wintry wonderlands to never-ending deserts and walled cities, the shows diverse backdrops are a serious source of wanderlust.

While the residents of Westeros play the ‘Game of Thrones,’ you can live the magic (dragon free) in these 6 locations around the world.

King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Marcus Saul/Via Flickr


Capital of the Seven Kingdoms and home to the Iron Throne, many King’s Landing scenes are filmed in the historic walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Trace Arya’s footsteps on the narrow cobblestoned streets and venture over to Lovrijenac Fortress to get a great view of “Blackwater Bay.” 

Winterfell – Castle Ward, County Down, Northern Ireland
Castle Ward

Trip & Travel Blog/Via Flickr

Search for the Stark banner at this historic castle in Northern Ireland. The lush greenery and dark skies make the perfect setting for the northern stronghold. You can even meet the real life Summer and Grey Wind!

The Iron Islands – Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland
Ballintoy Harbour

Grace Smith/Via Flickr

Trade your longships for fishing boats in Ballintoy Harbour. We promise the residents of Ballintoy are much more welcoming than the fearsome Ironborn. This charming harbor located in Northern Ireland makes for the perfect coastal stop on your next trip.

North of the Wall – Vatnajökull, Iceland
Vatnajökull, Iceland

Arnþór Snær Sævarsson/Via Flickr

Winter has come in Iceland, making it a great location to film “Beyond the Wall.” The incredible sceneries of this small island are used to depict the wintry wasteland that exists north of the wall. You won’t find any white walkers but the geysers are just as cool.

Braavos – Sibenik, Croatia
Sibenik, Croatia

flicksmores/Via Flickr

The free city of Braavos is set in another one of Croatia’s other historic cities: Sibenik. Walk the narrow cobblestoned streets as you search for the infamous Iron Bank and try to avoid the faceless men.

The King’s Road – Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
Dark Hedges

Jim Barton/Via Flickr

This long road surrounded by 200 strangely shaped beech trees creates just the right amount of anticipation as Ned Stark and his daughters travel to Kings Landing. Located in Northern Ireland and just a 20-minute drive from Giant’s Causeway, this is the perfect pit stop for any fan!

While the Game of Thrones must eventually come to a conclusion the fandom can be kept alive at any of these amazing locations.  EF Tours can help make these and many other dreams come true, just browse all tours here.

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