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Meet Artin: A crucial part of Epic Greece


We leave a little bit of an imprint on the childs’ minds. Related to history and customs—an introduction to countries we are visiting.

—Artin, Tour Director

Scrolling through a feed of Instagram photos, it’s easy to get a sense of what the Greek Islands are like: cool blue roofs, white-washed walls, and warm yellow-y sunshine you can almost feel through the screen. But if you’re looking at a feed from a traveler on our Epic Greece tour, you might just start to see another element to Greece—and his name is Artin.

Let us tell you about Artin. He’s a Tour Director with EF and he’s as Greek as it gets. He’s been working with us and simultaneously sharing his love for his homeland with travelers from around the world for over ten years. And in that time, it’s safe to say he’s made an impact. Our travelers have described him as nurturing, engaging, and a ray of Grecian sunshine.

What makes Artin stand out amongst the Tour Director crowd? An ocean backdrop doesn’t hurt, but we suspect it’s his legendary commentary game and his ability to make every group feel like family. No question is too small, and even if it’s, “What does acropolis mean?” Artin is here to help! These kinds of skills are what turn everyday interactions into life-changing adventures. Artin isn’t the kind to hang back, either. Even if he’s seen the Acropolis more times than he can count, you can count on him to explore it all over again by your side.

If you come along with us on an Epic Greece tour, you might get to meet Artin in the flesh. If you do, be sure to note his T-shirt (he makes his own and wears a different one every day) and ask him where to get the best gyros in town—we bet he’ll let you in on the secret.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to start seeing Greece through Artin’s eyes—just check out the video above.

Nataly Baez

Nataly is a copywriter at EF Education First. She’s written for universities around the country and about countries around the world. On her off time, you can catch this Florida native riding her alligator through the cobblestone streets of Boston.

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