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One teacher discovers the EF difference

For Jason, the perfect partner opens up new possibilities

Some things in life are just a natural fit. Recently, Group Leader Jason N. realized one of those things could be the partnership with his educational travel provider. After just one trip with EF Explore America, he feels more comfortable, and confident, with his middle school trips. And sitting down with him and his Tour Director, Eileen C., it’s easy to see why. Listening to their easy conversation and inside jokes, you could understandably assume they’ve known each other for years. In reality, they met earlier this year, while working together to lead Jason’s students on a customized class trip to Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, and New York City.

For Jason, a technology teacher from Northern California, the relationship with Eileen reflects his entire experience working with EF Explore America. He’s been leading students on tour with other providers for over ten years, but his first experience with EF was eye-opening. Like anyone trying something for the first time, he had a few reservations before departure. But he was surprised how quickly his mind was put at ease.


Finding the perfect partner

In the past, the trips Jason led with other providers had been perfectly fine. But they always left a little something to be desired. As soon as he started planning for his first class trip with EF Explore America, he began to understand how amazing a tour could be.

For starters, Jason has very specific ideas for what his tours could look like. He’s driven to give his students the best possible experience, so his mind never stops moving. For him, each new tour is an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and new ways to improve the experience for his middle schoolers. Jason felt his previous tour provider almost discouraged him from exploring those ideas and didn’t allow him the flexibility he desired during the planning process. With EF, he found a shared spirit of exploration, experimentation, and excitement in the face of new possibilities. It’s what made his first trip such a success and why he’s already planning to take his students on a Washington, D.C., New York City, and Boston trip in 2023 and another custom trip in 2024.

Meeting Eileen, who’s led dozens of tours with hundreds of students, brought everything to a whole new level. She proved to be so much more than just a guide for Jason’s group—she was a real partner, making sure the trip was everything he dreamed it could be. With EF, Tour Directors are available to groups 24/7, from the very beginning of the tour until the very end. And they’re able to take advantage of flexibility to capitalize on the unexpected or tailor an experience to perfectly fit each group’s unique needs. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they became fast friends.

Forming a strong relationship was almost second nature for Jason and Eileen. But we’ve got a strong feeling this is only the beginning.

Say see ya to so-so travel

At EF, we won’t settle for simply showing you the highlights of a destination. Our modern approach to educational travel provides lessons and connections that will stick with students—and help drive them—wherever they go next. Get in touch with a Tour Consultant today to start planning your first trip with EF Explore America.

Jake Minton

Jake is a copywriter at EF. His bucket list includes (but is by no means limited to) snowboarding in Japan, exploring the streets of Nairobi, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

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